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Australian Partner Visa: Making it Permanent

Receiving your Australian Partner Visa is certainly a cause for celebration. The application process is often long and complicated and you deserve a pat on the back for getting through.

However, it’s also worth remembering that when you’re first issued a Partner Visa, you’re only part way there. Your Australian Partner Visa is temporary for the first two years and you then have the opportunity to apply to make it permanent. What does this mean and how do you reach the permanent stage? Read on to find out more...

I have a temporary Partner Visa - what happens next?

When you lodged your Partner Visa application you were essentially lodging two applications in one – the temporary Partner Visa to allow your partner to stay in Australia and the permanent Partner Visa which will then enable your partner to become a permanent resident.

This permanent part of your Partner Visa application is sometimes referred to as second stage processing and it starts approximately two years from your initial application date.

These two years can fly by very quickly, because this time also includes the waiting period for your temporary Partner Visa. So, less than 12 months after your temporary Partner Visa is granted, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will request more information about your relationship.

At this stage, the Department is looking for evidence that you’re continuing your relationship. And, you’ll have just 28 days to provide this evidence....

Be prepared...

It makes sense to prepare your evidence for the second stage as early as possible, as trying to collate this evidence within 28 days is very tricky. After all your hard work to get this far, delays in visa processing are the last thing you want.

The permanent Partner Visa process asks you to prove your relationship again, this time concentrating on the period since you were granted your temporary Partner Visa.

Your relationship will be examined very closely and these four areas will, once again, need to be addressed:

  1. Financial aspects

  2. Nature of the household

  3. Social aspects

  4. Nature of the person's commitment to each other.

You’ll need to provide thorough, definitive evidence for the above four areas – you’re essentially at the final stage before becoming a permanent resident of Australia and the Department will cross-examine everything.

We recommend planning ahead and compiling evidence for the permanent stage as soon as possible after your temporary Partner Visa is granted. This way, you’ll be ready to submit your evidence for second stage processing as soon as you reach the two year point.  

Need help? Contact FastVisa Australia

FastVisa Australia's team of experts have more than 15 years experience processing Australian Partner visas. We can help you to navigate all aspects of the application process and our legal experts specialise in dealing with complicated cases. Get in touch with our friendly team and put your mind at rest!

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